Sunday, October 03, 2004

Let me introduce myself

Since early childhood strong musical feeling, at the age of 5 started to play accordion, completed 9 yrs music lessons at LSU (State music school) in birthplace, Kostelec nad Orlicí. Began playing the drums when 10 yrs old, performed with the rock band/participated at quite few youth competitions.

1983 - enrolled at the State conservatory in Brno (the 2nd largest city in CR) topped with graduate´s concert in 1990.
Performed with professional rock band Progress II. while studying, sat in with many jazz groups playing club circuits.

1988 - acquired the highest musician class available at that time (as a professional musician, which was rather unusual at the first time try)

1990 - enrolled Janacek´s Academy of Music Arts - drums. Thesis - Drums in modern music. Graduated in 1994.

Co-founder of latin-jazz-funk Mocca Band (Moravian-Canadian group) Worked extensively with own band X-Team, Brass 6, Jan Slabak´s Moravanka (Premium Folk Brass Band), Progress II. (rock band), State Philharmony Brno, Big Band Radio Brno, Jazz Archive (big-band), Titanic (rock), Dunaj (rock)

Except above mentioned recorded at the Czech State Radio (broadcast corporation) and Czech TV and sat in many bands around the country.

Accompanied Czech foremost vocalist Helena Vondráčková and Marky, Felix Slováček (soprano/alto sax), Laco Deci - New York (trumpet) and likes. With Jan Slabák´s Moravanka toured across Europe having on account more than 1 000 performances.

In the meantime I lead my own band X-Team and I have been in charge of drum & percussion classes teaching drums and percussion instruments seven years in row at the ZUŠ, 8 Smetanova str. in city of Brno which is State owned music school. There I lead and conduct student´s band Percussion Ensemble of Brno. I´ve organized several workshops and clinics i.e. Andrea Valentini, and likes.

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